Who is this teacher?

I’ve been a substitute teacher the past three years at X school district in X city. These comments, thoughts, and observations are my own. All people, places, and situations have been altered when appropriate.

I’ve titled my blog ‘Spontaneous Teaching’ because at some point all teaching requires action with new events or unplanned situations. Some individuals call teachers ‘actors’, since they’re always on ‘stage’ while teaching and sometimes need to ‘ad-lib’ to be their greatest. Being a substitute teacher I’ve encountered even more ‘spontaneous’ teaching moments, since I normally don’t know what’s going to happen.

My blog is a place to release tension from a day’s difficult moments and how I could have changed the outcome. I want to share all the moments that make teaching fun. Humor will be used as I record the many daily events and funny things students say and do. I’ll attempt to write about three times a week or depending upon how often I need to vent.

Thanks for stopping by, so grab a chair to read about funny classroom events with a spontaneous teacher.

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