What treasures are in your bag?

I bring numerous items in my bag every time I enter a classroom. As a substitute teacher, often don’t know the students, situations, grades, and whether there are enough supplies. I’m a person who likes to be prepared, organized, and on time. My large ‘goodie’ bag contains many items to hopefully help my day run smoothly. True, most teachers have the materials, papers, books, supplies, and even extra work, however sometimes things don’t go as planned or the time doesn’t work. That’s when I rely on items in my bag. So, what treasures are in my bag?

band-aids, candy, stickers, math flash cards, a very loud whistle for recess, read aloud books, playing cards, puzzles, soft music CD (hopefully to calm down), many grade level paper handouts (math, grammar, social studies, handwriting, coloring papers, crossword, word search, reading worksheets, mini cut & paste art, and more), white board marker, pens, my personal white board eraser, hand sanitizer, and more that I’ll think of later. Notice that my first items listed were band-aids, stickers, and candy. Students do almost anything for candy. The best thing is extra recess, but candy sure does the trick.

Sometimes the treasures in my bag really do seem like gold if the class behaves.